Origami: Penguins

Little Bee stayed home on Friday… and the day before, my boss’s daughter was clearing up her room and my boss passed me a box of origami paper.

So, on Friday… we stayed home and made these:



Scooby Doo Where Are You??!!!!

Here he is!

Scooby Doo

I found this drawing as I was trying to tidy up her papers… meaning throwing as much rubbish as I can. But I do go through them before I do that and I’m glad that I do as I wouldn’t have noticed Scooby in the pile of papers!

A Cup for Little Bee

I drew this for Little Bee on the last day of half term break. She was out with Daddy Bee and the white cup that we bought at IKEA was still sitting on the kitchen table. I promised her we’ll draw on it. I found my porcelain paint pen that I had for ages and wasn’t sure if it was still working and drew a special little drawing for her.

Little Bee cup

Little Bee cup

Little Bee cup

She loves it.

I promised her that one day we will go to the art shop and get some porcelain paint and we could paint the cup together.

Sewing Classes… Sewing Toys…

The last four Fridays before half term, I volunteered to help in Little Bee’s class. Her teacher asked if any parent could come and help teach the children to sew.

How hard could it be?

The first Friday was total chaos! I was on the verge of giving up! I only had five children (including Little Bee) in my group.

I persevered… the children perservered.

On the last sewing the children really amazed me with their sewing skills! They sat there and sew very neatly… except Little R who wanted to be the group clown but I know he could sew nicely when he wants to 🙂

And here’s Little Bee’s sewing binka

front sewing

front sewing

back sewing

back sewing

I know… the back doesn’t look very neat, but it was her first time sewing using a real needle! It was a yarn needle but it was still a proper needle.

And for half term Mrs O (her class teacher) gave each child a binka, thread and needle to tak home and practice.

The next day, Little Bee sat down in front of the TV, watching her YouTube channels and sew this

front sewing

front sewing

back sewing

back sewing

Vast improvement don’t you think? I just helped with putting the thread through the needle, the knots and show her how to do cross stitching… she did this all on her own!

And the day after as I was clearing some shelves, I found this

Early Years Kokeshi Doll Kit

Early Years Kokeshi Doll Kit

I bought it a couple of years back and then forgot about it as Little Bee showed no interest in sewing! Thank goodness for the sewing class at school and now Little Bee has two new dolls 🙂

pink and red kokeshi

pink and red kokeshi

blue and purple kokeshi

blue and purple kokeshi

On Tuesday, we went to the art shop to get some paint and Little Bee found this

Felt Friends sewing kit

And she made these

Felt friends dolls

There’s a rabbit, kitten, hedgehog and owl… Little Bee is yet to do the fox 🙂


We’re in the land of tulips at the moment. We’ve done a lot of walking around but not much sightseeing. Even when we go shopping, we don’t tend to go into touristy shops… the only touristy thing we’ve really done was to go to the flower market and we went to the Tulip Museum. Apart from that we’ve just walked around as Amsterdam is a lovely city to just walk about.

Little Bee has shown me so many times that she is a good traveller. She didn’t complain about the horrible flight (it was very windy and scary on the flight over), we walk for miles and the only time she whinge is when she’s hungry or need the loo. She has walked miles with me and her daddy.

Yesterday, after walking forever we walked home and stopped at a Vietnamese restaurant to get a take away. There was a tulip on the table and to keep her entertained while we waited for our food, I took the napkin that she’s been playing with and asked her to draw a tulip… and she finished up the bottle to my tulip 🙂



Last Friday I went to Little Bee’s class show. They were showing us what they have learnt through out the year. I was really impressed on how confident the children was standing up with a microphone in their hand and say their line.

Little Bee had the task of introducing the ‘Art’ section. Her line was ‘We have been learning about people who help us. I am a brilliant artist and I have painted a doctor’


Her classmates and friend continued on with a fireman, policeman, nurse and surgeon painting.

They are brilliant! All of them 🙂

Missing Monster

So last Thursday I went to Little Bee’s school as the Early Years had prepared a Mother’s Day feast!

After the children consumed the feast of sandwiches and cupcakes (I don’t think they’ve grasped the concept yet) I had a look around the hall and found a board full of pictures of missing monsters!!

This is Little Bee’s missing monster.

missing monster

I have to say that I do like her monster 🙂 Then she said that her monster wears glasses just like her mama. I think I’ll take her statement as a compliment.