Last Friday I went to Little Bee’s class show. They were showing us what they have learnt through out the year. I was really impressed on how confident the children was standing up with a microphone in their hand and say their line.

Little Bee had the task of introducing the ‘Art’ section. Her line was ‘We have been learning about people who help us. I am a brilliant artist and I have painted a doctor’


Her classmates and friend continued on with a fireman, policeman, nurse and surgeon painting.

They are brilliant! All of them 🙂


Missing Monster

So last Thursday I went to Little Bee’s school as the Early Years had prepared a Mother’s Day feast!

After the children consumed the feast of sandwiches and cupcakes (I don’t think they’ve grasped the concept yet) I had a look around the hall and found a board full of pictures of missing monsters!!

This is Little Bee’s missing monster.

missing monster

I have to say that I do like her monster 🙂 Then she said that her monster wears glasses just like her mama. I think I’ll take her statement as a compliment.

A Portrait of Someone Special: Dania

For homework this weekend, Little Bee was meant to draw a portrait of someone very special to her and I guess they will have to talk about that someone special sometime during the week.

When I mentioned this to her, without any hesitation she named Dania. Well… I guess forget Mama and Daddy then 😉

So here is Dania.

a portrait of Dania

I think it is a pretty good drawing… but then I do suffer from PMS (proud mother syndrome). I just hope that Dania is happy with the picture and feel honoured to know that she is that someone special to Little Bee.