IF: Mother

This was the topic provided last Friday. It was Mother’s Day yesterday for several countries but not the UK. Still Little Bee was very excited about the topic and drew this simple drawing of me doing some gardening…


Somehow, I’m not sure it’s me.

We do  have an apple tree in a plant pot but never apples as we have squirrels running around everywhere in the back garden just eating everything in sight.

And I think I grumble more than smile… but I’m glad that Little Bee sees me as a happy, smiley mama 🙂



Red Nose Flower – Estanis

Last Friday, I brought Little Bee in to work after school to collect donations for her Red Nose bucket. Her task is to draw a flower for each person who put money into her bucket.

You know how temperamental an artist can be and that they need to be inspired… so let’s start with her first flower for Estanis.

red nose flower - Estanis

She also drew a couple of water droplets to represent the flower being watered 🙂