IF: Shoe

It has been a while since I did any Illustration Friday submission. And I guess I’m cheating because:

a. this is last Friday’s topic.
b. it is not a new artwork. I don’t even know when I painted these… but I think it must have been before Little Bee was born and I was hoping to find these little booties for her.

Anyways, here is my long overdue submission after missing for so many years!



A Cup for Little Bee

I drew this for Little Bee on the last day of half term break. She was out with Daddy Bee and the white cup that we bought at IKEA was still sitting on the kitchen table. I promised her we’ll draw on it. I found my porcelain paint pen that I had for ages and wasn’t sure if it was still working and drew a special little drawing for her.

Little Bee cup

Little Bee cup

Little Bee cup

She loves it.

I promised her that one day we will go to the art shop and get some porcelain paint and we could paint the cup together.


Last Friday I went to Little Bee’s class show. They were showing us what they have learnt through out the year. I was really impressed on how confident the children was standing up with a microphone in their hand and say their line.

Little Bee had the task of introducing the ‘Art’ section. Her line was ‘We have been learning about people who help us. I am a brilliant artist and I have painted a doctor’


Her classmates and friend continued on with a fireman, policeman, nurse and surgeon painting.

They are brilliant! All of them 🙂