Pokemon Cake

The Queen turned 90 this year and there were celebrations everywhere, including Little Bee’s school. After things had died down, Little Bee asked me why does the Queen have two birthdays. I looked at her and said “You know what? You have two birthdays too!” That got her really excited and asked me when is her other birthday. I looked at the Muslim calendar, and there it was… a few days time!!

“Can I have a cake? Can I have a Pokémon cake?”


It was touch and go… I woke up for my sahur (morning meal before fasting). Baked the cakes, went back to bed after taking the cakes out of the oven, went back to bed, woke up again to get her ready for school, went to work for half the day, rushed back from work… AAAAARRRRRGH!!! Have to pick her up soon!!

So this was what I managed to make.



A messy cake but she was very, very, very happy!


Hello Kitty Cupcakes

We haven’t updated much here but it does not mean that we are not creating! It’s just Mama Bee can sometimes be a bit lazy…

We had a very creative weekend last weekend. Went to paint some pottery, did Little Bee’s homework which involved a lot of pasting and colouring and we also made cupcakes!

Can cupcake be works of art?

Of course!

I made this example for Little Bee…

hello kitty cupcake

… and she brilliantly made the rest!

hello kitty cupcakes