We’re in the land of tulips at the moment. We’ve done a lot of walking around but not much sightseeing. Even when we go shopping, we don’t tend to go into touristy shops… the only touristy thing we’ve really done was to go to the flower market and we went to the Tulip Museum. Apart from that we’ve just walked around as Amsterdam is a lovely city to just walk about.

Little Bee has shown me so many times that she is a good traveller. She didn’t complain about the horrible flight (it was very windy and scary on the flight over), we walk for miles and the only time she whinge is when she’s hungry or need the loo. She has walked miles with me and her daddy.

Yesterday, after walking forever we walked home and stopped at a Vietnamese restaurant to get a take away. There was a tulip on the table and to keep her entertained while we waited for our food, I took the napkin that she’s been playing with and asked her to draw a tulip… and she finished up the bottle to my tulip 🙂



Red Nose Flower – Estanis

Last Friday, I brought Little Bee in to work after school to collect donations for her Red Nose bucket. Her task is to draw a flower for each person who put money into her bucket.

You know how temperamental an artist can be and that they need to be inspired… so let’s start with her first flower for Estanis.

red nose flower - Estanis

She also drew a couple of water droplets to represent the flower being watered 🙂