After I had my morning wash, I went to the kitchen and found this on the table.


Apparently there is a show coming soon! Cat LIVE! I’m sure it will be a sell out!


Scooby Doo Where Are You??!!!!

Here he is!

Scooby Doo

I found this drawing as I was trying to tidy up her papers… meaning throwing as much rubbish as I can. But I do go through them before I do that and I’m glad that I do as I wouldn’t have noticed Scooby in the pile of papers!

Red Nose Flower – Estanis

Last Friday, I brought Little Bee in to work after school to collect donations for her Red Nose bucket. Her task is to draw a flower for each person who put money into her bucket.

You know how temperamental an artist can be and that they need to be inspired… so let’s start with her first flower for Estanis.

red nose flower - Estanis

She also drew a couple of water droplets to represent the flower being watered 🙂

A Portrait of Someone Special: Dania

For homework this weekend, Little Bee was meant to draw a portrait of someone very special to her and I guess they will have to talk about that someone special sometime during the week.

When I mentioned this to her, without any hesitation she named Dania. Well… I guess forget Mama and Daddy then 😉

So here is Dania.

a portrait of Dania

I think it is a pretty good drawing… but then I do suffer from PMS (proud mother syndrome). I just hope that Dania is happy with the picture and feel honoured to know that she is that someone special to Little Bee.