After I had my morning wash, I went to the kitchen and found this on the table.


Apparently there is a show coming soon! Cat LIVE! I’m sure it will be a sell out!


IF: Mother

This was the topic provided last Friday. It was Mother’s Day yesterday for several countries but not the UK. Still Little Bee was very excited about the topic and drew this simple drawing of me doing some gardening…


Somehow, I’m not sure it’s me.

We do  have an apple tree in a plant pot but never apples as we have squirrels running around everywhere in the back garden just eating everything in sight.

And I think I grumble more than smile… but I’m glad that Little Bee sees me as a happy, smiley mama 🙂


IF: Shoe

It has been a while since I did any Illustration Friday submission. And I guess I’m cheating because:

a. this is last Friday’s topic.
b. it is not a new artwork. I don’t even know when I painted these… but I think it must have been before Little Bee was born and I was hoping to find these little booties for her.

Anyways, here is my long overdue submission after missing for so many years!


Pokemon Cake

The Queen turned 90 this year and there were celebrations everywhere, including Little Bee’s school. After things had died down, Little Bee asked me why does the Queen have two birthdays. I looked at her and said “You know what? You have two birthdays too!” That got her really excited and asked me when is her other birthday. I looked at the Muslim calendar, and there it was… a few days time!!

“Can I have a cake? Can I have a Pokémon cake?”


It was touch and go… I woke up for my sahur (morning meal before fasting). Baked the cakes, went back to bed after taking the cakes out of the oven, went back to bed, woke up again to get her ready for school, went to work for half the day, rushed back from work… AAAAARRRRRGH!!! Have to pick her up soon!!

So this was what I managed to make.



A messy cake but she was very, very, very happy!

Blue Teddy for Daddy

We went to the haberdashery as I needed to get some things to get started on a project. Of course, Little Bee go excited and started to get things for herself too. I asked her what does she need the felt for and she said that she is going to make a teddy.

When we got home, she looked through the sewing book that I got her ages ago and found the instruction for a stuffed toy. She asked me to cut out the provided template and apart from that and tying knots to the thread, Little Bee did everything herself.

She drew out the template:


She cut out the shapes:


And she sewed it together:


She gave the teddy to daddy yesterday as it was daddy’s day.


She’s going to make me a pin cushion next 🙂

Dream Catcher

We went to a birthday party on the weekend. It was one of Little Bee’s good friend. We bumped into him and his mom a few days before and had a quick chat about the holidays and stuff when he blurted that he wished he had a dream catcher…

I mentioned this at dinner and hubby found this site:

How to make a dream catcher

So… we made this for her friend.

dream catcher

Not a real dream catcher from an American Indian… but a dream catcher from us… and he’s a very happy boy.