After I had my morning wash, I went to the kitchen and found this on the table.


Apparently there is a show coming soon! Cat LIVE! I’m sure it will be a sell out!


IF: Mother

This was the topic provided last Friday. It was Mother’s Day yesterday for several countries but not the UK. Still Little Bee was very excited about the topic and drew this simple drawing of me doing some gardening…


Somehow, I’m not sure it’s me.

We do  have an apple tree in a plant pot but never apples as we have squirrels running around everywhere in the back garden just eating everything in sight.

And I think I grumble more than smile… but I’m glad that Little Bee sees me as a happy, smiley mama 🙂


IF: Shoe

It has been a while since I did any Illustration Friday submission. And I guess I’m cheating because:

a. this is last Friday’s topic.
b. it is not a new artwork. I don’t even know when I painted these… but I think it must have been before Little Bee was born and I was hoping to find these little booties for her.

Anyways, here is my long overdue submission after missing for so many years!